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Sagar Prakash Alloys is a top supplier of Hastelloy C276 Plates in India, certified under ISO 9001:2015. These plates are designed to withstand extreme conditions in chemical processing, pollution control, and waste processing. Made with nickel, molybdenum, and chromium, these C276 plates offer exceptional resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion, and stress-corrosion cracking.

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Hastelloy C276 Plate
Alloy C276 Plate
Hastelloy Alloy C276 Plate Manufacturer

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These plates are designed to comply with the highly strict Hastelloy C276 ASTM standard or ASME SB 575 and are considered the top product for a wide range of application areas. The C276 plate offers unparalleled dependability and durability, even in the harshest working environments. The standard guarantees that the plates possess the chemical composition, mechanical characteristics, and dimensions required for their intended use. This makes them an ideal solution for businesses or academic institutions looking for reliable and durable project materials.

Sagar Prakash Alloys, hastelloy c276 plate manufacturers in various dimensions and thicknesses. We offer a range of options, including standard-size plates and custom cut-to-size orders. ASTM B575 UNS N10276 is a popular choice among engineers and developers for its quality and durability. The cost of alloy C276 plates is subject to market demand, alloy composition, and size considerations. However, investing in high-quality materials like this can be a smart long-term decision due to their resilience and low maintenance. Nickel Alloy C276 plates are the preferred choice among various industry professionals, especially for projects where corrosion preservation is critical. If you need Hastelloy C276 sheets, coils, or strips, we are happy to be your one-stop solution and provide top-notch products.

Difference Between Hastelloy C276 Clad Plate and Hastelloy C276 Plate

Difference Between C276 Clad Plate and C276 Plate

Hastelloy C276 Plate Specification

Standard BS, JIS, AISI, ASTM, ASME, GB, DIN, EN, etc
Specification ASTM B575 / ASME SB575
Size Cold Rolled : 0.5-6.4 mm
Hot Rolled : 3.0–10.0 mm
Width 1000mm, 1219mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2500mm, 3000mm, 3500mm, etc
Length 2000mm, 2440mm, 3000mm, 5800mm, 6000mm, etc
Thickness 0.3 mm to 120 mm
Hardness Half Hard, Soft, Hard, Quarter Hard, Spring Hard
Value Added Service Cladding, Heat Treatment, Annealed, Pickling, Polish, Rolling, Cutting, Bending, Forging, Minor Fabrication Etc.
Variety of shapes Coils, Foils, Plates, Sheet, Strip, Plain Sheet, Checker Plates, Rolling Sheet, Flats, Clad Plates, Flat Sheet, Shim Sheet, Rolls, Blank (Circle), Rolling Plates, Flat Shim, soft annealed, descaled, tread Plates, sheared, annealed

Hastelloy C276 Price For B575 N10276 Plate and Sheet

Description Price Range in USD Price Range in INR (approx.)
Nickel Alloy C276 Plate / Sheet Price $25.00 - $35.00 per Kilogram ₹2,075 - ₹2,905 per Kilogram
Price for Nickel Alloy C276 Plate / Sheet $35.00 - $38.00 per Kilogram ₹2,905 - ₹3,154 per Kilogram
Hastelloy C276 Alloy Plate 4 x 8 ft $3,000.00 - $3,800.00 per Ton ₹2,49,000 - ₹3,15,400 per Ton
ASME SB575 Hastelloy C276 Plate 3mm thickness $20.00 - $70.00 per Kilogram ₹1,660 - ₹5,810 per Kilogram
Nickel Alloy 2.4819 Plate/Sheet Price Per Kg $20.00 - $40.00 per Kilogram ₹1,660 - ₹3,320 per Kilogram
ASTM B575 N10276 Hastelloy Alloy Plate $50.00 per Kilogram ₹4,150 per Kilogram
Nickel Base Alloy C276 Clad Plate $31.77 - $37.77 per Kilogram ₹2,637 - ₹3,135 per Kilogram
UNS N10276 Alloy Plate Sheet $20.00 - $35.00 per Kilogram ₹1,660 - ₹2,905 per Kilogram

ASTM B575 Hastelloy C276 Plates Availability

Hastelloy C276 HR Plate

Hastelloy C276 HR Plate

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Hastelloy C276 CR Plate

Hastelloy C276 CR Plate

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Hastelloy C276 Sheet

Hastelloy C276 Sheet

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Equivalent Grades of ASME SB575 Hastelloy C276 Plates

Hastelloy C276 2.4819 N10276 NW 0276 ХН65МВУ NiMo16Cr15W ЭП760

Hastelloy C276 Plate Chemical Properties

Grade C Mn Si S Co Ni Cr Fe Mo P
Hastelloy C276 0.010 max 1.00 max 0.08 max 0.03 max 2.50 max 50.99 min* 14.50 – 16.50 4.00 – 7.00 15.00 – 17.00 0.04 max

C276 Hastelloy Plates Mechanical Properties

Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
8.89 g/cm3 1370 °C (2500 °F) Psi – 1,15,000, MPa–790 Psi – 52,000, MPa–355 40 %

Quality Assurance

Hastelloy UNS N10276 Plate are manufactured and controlled to international standards such as ASTM, ASME, BS, MSS, EN, DIN or WERKSTOFFE. Our products undergo stringent quality tests before they are dispatched.

Material Testing

PMI Testing, Ultrasonic Test, Mechanical Testing, Spectro Tests for Chemical Analysis of the grade, Flaring Test, IGC, etc. are some of the tests conducted at our facility. We welcome stage wise inspection from any of your representative or third party inspection agencies.

To buy Hastelloy C276 Plate fast and cheap, email [email protected]. Our team can help with Hastelloy UNS N10276/2.4819 Plate and answer questions.

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