Guide To best Quality SS 316H Bars

SS 316H Bars

Stainless steels are often considered as high alloy steels. Since they have more chromium, they have superior corrosion resistance as relatively to other steels. Stainless steel bar is an iron and carbon alloy that contains less than 2% carbon, 1% manganese, and small quantities of other elements such as Phosphorus, Silicon, Sulphur, and Oxygen.

What are 316H Round Bars

Stainless Steel Grade 316 is the standard molybdenum-bearing grade, second only to Stainless Steel 304 in significance for austenitic stainless steels. Because of the molybdenum, SS grade 316 has better overall corrosion resistance than Stainless Steel Grade 304, especially in chloride environments where pitting and crevice corrosion are more common.

Stainless Steel 316H Round Bars are austenitic stainless steel with molybdenum. Because of the higher molybdenum and nickel content of these SS 316H Bars, they have improved overall corrosion resistance, especially in terms of crevice and pitting corrosion in chloride environments. Stainless Steel 316H Bar has high tensile strength, increased yield strength, and higher corrosion resistance. Stainless Steel 316H Bars has a good weldability. This bars has a number of applications, including heat exchangers.

Stainless steel 316H bars applications and utilizations depend on upon the kind of bars required and come in different sizes as well. Out of the many types of bars, a Stainless Steel 316H Round bar has the most important and useful application.

Stainless steel 316H bars, applications and utilizations vary depending on the type of bar needed and come in a variety of sizes. One of the most commonly used type of bars is Round bars is among the various types of bars. Stainless steel 316H Bars are typically in Round in shape, Hexagonal, Flat, and Square in shape, the type of bars depend upon where it is applicable or used. Since stainless steel bars are a mix of iron and carbon, they provide significant advantages such as high tensile strength, outstanding hardness, and low cost.

The following are a few of the characteristics that distinguish 316H Round metal bar as unique:

  • The ability to survive any physical or chemical condition.
  • Resistance to harsh weather conditions.

Applications of 316H Bars

  • Brewery, and pharmaceutical processing facilities
  • Petrochemical equipment
  • Food processing elements
  • Laboratory benches and equipment
  • Paneling for coastal architecture
  • Marine railings
  • Boat fittings
  • Chemical transport tanks
  • Heat exchangers
  • Mining screen
  • Nuts and bolts making
  • Manufacturing of Bolts, Springs, Nuts, Screws
  • Medical Kits and equipments
  • Sinks and Sanitary-ware and troughs

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