What are the Application & Characteristics of Hastelloy C22 Tubes

Hastelloy C22 tubing

Hastelloy C22 is a popular and versatile super alloy with the excellent chemical composition of chromium, nickel and molybdenum. These elements offer excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation. The excellent chemical and mechanical properties of Hastelloy C22 make it one of the most suitable alloy for the fabrication of all types of tubes. Hastelloy C22 Tubes are available in different shapes, types and specifications depending on the industrial requirements. 

Characteristics of Hastelloy C22 Tubes

Hastelloy C22 Tubes have excellent metallurgical stability and very good creep rupture strength. The unique chemical features of these tubes offer remarkable resistance to crevice corrosion, general corrosion, pitting and stress corrosion cracking in chloride containing environments. Hastelloy C22 Tubes has higher chromium content that offers effective resistance to oxidizing media. The tungsten and molybdenum content offers resistance to any reducing and corrosive media. Apart from this, Hastelloy C22 Tubes are highly immune to chlorides, acetic and formic acid, seawater, organic and inorganic acid, brine and many other chemical solutions. The nickel content offer resistance to grain boundary precipitation in the zones that are weld affected. Hastelloy C22 Tubes are popularly known for the excellent weldability and formability features. These tubes have higher flexibility and can be formed using cold forming. These tubes offer excellent resistance to oxidizing aqueous media. This make these tubes suitable for marine applications. Hastelloy C22 Tubes have higher mechanical strength and ductility to survive in elevated temperature and pressure conditions. These tubes have superior surface finish, higher durability and longer service life. These tubes require less maintenance that make it one of the popular choice in many industrial applications. These tubes can be formed easily by annealing, cold working, and can be work hardening by using standard procedures to get the desired results. 

Applications of Hastelloy C22 Tubes

Hastelloy C22 Tubes are widely utilized many industries such as oil and gas processing, power generation, chemical equipment, food processing, heat exchanger, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other applications. Apart from this, due to the exceptional corrosion resistance and higher ductility these tubes are reliable to use in chlorination plants, wastewater processing, pesticide production, scrubber systems and other applications. 

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